What is SKS all about?

Our values

We promote and celebrate these values! We embed them in our daily work and we use them to build all our decisions. 


Hard Work



What we do?

Libraries: Content

  • License e-Content
  • OA Offseting Deals
  • Collection Optimisation


Libraries: RDM

  • Build Skills for Librarians
  • Research Data Policy
  • Build FAIR Data


Libraries: Citizen Science

  • Integrate Roles for Libraries
  • Develop Citizen Science Projects
  • Toolkit for Citizen Science

Publishers: Sales

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Consortia Consultancy

Publishers: Marketing

  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Events

Publishers: Trainings

  • Platform Trainings
  • "How To Publish" Trainings
  • Training for Sales or Marketing Teams

Communities: Workshops

  • Leading the Change
  • Developing a Professional Network
  • Current LIS Topics

Communities: Open Science

  • Citizen Science
  • Open FAIR Data
  • Open Access
  • Pop Science

Communities: Engagement

  • Build Communities of Practice
  • Effective Implementations
  • Public Engagement

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