A View on Open Science (January, 2021)

Presentation made for Ecole Nationale Superieure des Sciences de l'information et des Bibliotheques

(France), to be used in their library curators' programme.

Released: January 20th, 2021

Research Data and Persuasive Algorithms

This presentation was given on Nov.24th 2020 for Cambridge Data Week, a series of events organised by the Office for Scholarly Communication from Cambridge University.

This presentation was given to Cambridge Data Week (Nov. 2020) and Openness and Commercialisation conference (CESAER and TU Delft, Dec. 2020)


BESPOC - SKS Prototype for Citizen Science Single Point of Contact

Written as a recommendation for institutions, the Single Point of Contact for Citizen Science is suggested to the leadership of universities by LERU 20th Advise Paper (2016). 

SKS created this prototype and offers consultancy for research organisations which wish to implement it.

ECSA Conference 2020. Session 28 - Citizen science and higher education

Chaired by Tiberius Ignat

Director of Scientific Knowledge Services

September 10th, 2020

Building Trust in Research Libraries through Citizen Science

LIBER 2020 Panel Session

First delivered on June 24th, 2020

BESPOC during LIBER Webinar

Citizen Science at Universities

A Template for Citizen Science Single Point of Contact

First delivered on June 10th, 2020


Tiberius Ignat

Scientific Knowledge Services

Citizen Science Meets Libraries @ UKSG 2020


This presentation was recorded for UKSG 2020 Conference (digitally delivered) and presents opportunities for libraries to engage with Citizen Science.

We partnered with University of Southern Denmark to produce this material.

Released on April 2020

Research Assessment Webinar

In collaboration with CWTS (Leiden) and UCL (London)

First delivered on June 11th, 2020

Open Science: Seachange in Research

Ignat, Tiberius

Scientific Knowledge Services, Switzerland

Presentation first delivered at CSIC Congress (Library and Archives Network), Madrid, Spain, 28 November 2019 

First delivered at LIBER Conference 2018 (Lille)

’The Empires of the Future are the Empires of the Mind’ [Winston Churchill]: Defining the Role of Libraries in the Open Science Landscape

Ayris, Paul* (1); Ignat, Tiberius* (2)

1: UCL, United Kingdom; 2: Scientific Knowledge Services, Switzerland

First delivered at LIBER Conference 2017 (Patras)

Ignat, Tiberius

Scientific Knowledge Services, Switzerland

First delivered at Croatian Special Libraries Conference (2016)